Meet The Team


Nick Andrade

Nick serves the company both as the CEO & Lead Engineer. Nick grew up in southern New Hampshire and went on to attend the University of New Hampshire for Mechanical Engineering. His experience in the design and manufacture of composite parts spans over 8 years. He was directed into composites by his desire to create custom parts for his two passions: Ice Hockey and Motorsport. After half a dozen years in the field he decided to found New England Composites; not only scratch the itch of his passion projects, but because he loves the process and challenges of designing and manufacturing custom composites.


Brian Rainville

Brian is our residential expert on Computer/Electrical Engineering. He spends most of his time at NEC working on our Automotive related projects, but he steps into the ring when it comes time to design test setups, collect data, and to handle the software and hardware aspects of a project. Brian grew up in Connecticut and attended the University of New Hampshire for Computer Engineering where he and Nick became friends on the university car design/racing team. He went on to have engineering roles in the Defense, Energy, and Motorsport sectors before joining Nick at NEC.