Resin Infused & Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, & Fiberglass Composites

We specialize in pre-preg and resin infused composite parts. Our experience in composite design can lead or assist your team during design, produce a prototype and then go into production. We are located in Southern Maine and have quick access to all of New England, including: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine.

99% of our parts are under NDA and contain sensitive information. We are regularly work with proprietary information and protect our customers data, but we still wanted to showcase our work. So what we did is we sponsored the Olin College of Engineering Formula Student team. Check it out on our portfolio page

We Can Get It Done

We can handle your project from the initial engineering phase all the way to production. We are capable of engineering, prototyping, and producing composite parts for your project.