Our Services

We specialize in pre-preg and resin infused composite parts. We typically use a combination of carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass with epoxy or vinyl ester resin. We manufacture our plugs and molds in house. When it comes to making composite parts, we can handle it from the concept engineering phase to the production phase, and anywhere in between.

Engineering: Most projects start with a metal/plastic or prototype composite part that requires reverse engineering on our end. Others begin completely blank slate and require us to tackle engineering from the concept meeting all the way to production. We can handle all advanced surface modeling including reverse engineering, mold design, determining layup schedules/part thickness, select appropriate adhesives for bonding, and even combine components to reduce the number of parts in your assemblies. We can also design test and assembly fixtures for our own internal usage and for usage at your facility.

Testing: Often time we see request for simple requests such as static deflection testing, but we are capable of testing more complicated scenarios such as fatigue, strain, and destructive testing. We are experienced in data collection and processing and can procure complete test reports that ensure your parts performance for when it is out in the field

Machining: Our internal machining is focused around mold making and machining pieces that will be insert molded/bonded. Our CNC router is capable of making large foam plugs, which we then make molds from, and out CNC machine is dialed in to make high tolerance metal parts and molds. 

Prototyping: Making test parts and assemblies are one of the hardest things to source and complete. We have extensive experience in successfully prototyping and running small batches. We can guide your project through the choppy waters of prototyping and even carry it all the way to a regular production item.

Production: All of our capabilities above make this one possible. Our technicians are capable of laying up, trimming, bonding, and delivering composite parts ready for assembly or usage for your project.


To see more on how we work, check out this page to see a typical workflow of a project! You can also see our available software and equipment here