Most of our parts are under NDA's or contain sensitive information. However, we decided to sponsor a University FSAE team to show how we complete each step of a project

The part was machined on our cnc router out of low density foam and bonded together. It was sanded and primed before being coated in an orange tooling gelcoat.

The mold came off the plug and was polished to a high gloss. This was a fiberglass-vinylester mold and was reinforced with soric wet-lay core to add rigidity to the mold (the white material in the third picture)

We used resin infusion to make the part to achieve a consistent result and a high strength-to-weight. The final product was 1mm thick per request of the students and weighed less than 3lb. The front was painted black to hide a seam line in the weave and the part was clear coated

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